Cutting edge delivery

Your team is already doing a great job, but the end of the project is getting closer and you feel like you need help. Engage our machine learning experts and finish your project as a hero!

Augment your business process with A.I.!

How does it work?

We offer data science team augmentation for data scientists, software engineers, technical leaders and project managers. The service is billed for time & materials, based on daily or monthly rates.

Examples of our services include:

ML Implementation Optimization

Ensure you are getting the best results.

Get Planning Done

and only get help for what you need.

Work with ML Experts

in data science and big data (Spark, Hadoop)

Data Analysis

Let us monitor the deployment to make sure everything is going well.

Support the development of your machine learning algorithms

If you have an immediate project or you want to explore more opportunities than your data science team can deliver at the moment, enlist our specialists! They will make sure that your AI solution includes high-quality machine learning algorithms and is developed on time.  


Machine Learning & Deep Learning

  • Analyzing and inspecting data
  • Building predictive models
  • Modifying or developing new machine learning algorithms
  • Reviewing, optimizing and fine-tuning existing machine learning models

Technology &
Software Development

  • Deployment, integration and maintenance of Big Data stack (Hadoop, Spark, etc.)
  • Application & System Development
  • Predictive Model Deployment
  • Technical Support


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